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MC Cadenza serien leverer et åpent, nøyaktig og detaljert lydbilde, med stor presisjon, innlevelse og dynamikk. Klassens beste pickuper! Mer info

«The Black offered a beautifully smooth, svelte and expansive sound stage. It has generous stage depth and always sounds relaxed and in control of proceedings. The Bronze certainly has the ability to extract all the fine detail contained in a recording, and excels at all the audiophile approved tasks. The Cadenza Blue is created to maximize detail retrieval from a record, and yet accomplish this task without skewing the frequency response, or creating unnatural phase shifts that result in the facade of heightened resolution. Ortofon has done a splendid job voicing the Cadenza Red, and creating a cartridge that is inviting and easy to listen to, yet capable of presenting the entire palette of shading and texture that may be captured in a recording.»

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